Portraits 3

Marc Baum
Managing Director
Communispond Inc.

Marc Baum Managing Director Communispond Inc.

Michael Strahan
Former football player
TV talk show host
Jim Stengel
Consultant and former Global Marketing Officer
Procter & Gamble Walter Cronkite
David Eng
Vice President, Public Affairs
Lower East Side Tenement Museum Walter Gerasimowicz
Meditron Asset Management Peter Westbrook
Former Olympic fencer with students
Ann Amstutz-Hayes
Vice President, Business Development
Scholastic Chris Wall, Jesse Weisz and Dan Dominguez
Crew of round the world flight Dr. Ari Rosen Paul Woolmington
Advertising executive Kevin Fennessey
Former CMO
Pernod Ricard USA Barbara Corcoran
Founder and former President
The Corcoran Group Herbert Allison
Former CEO 
TIAA-CREF Rory Thompson
Editor and writer Jon Nesvig
President of Sales
Fox Broadcasting Alonso, Amanda and Kendall Wortham Tom Nieoporte
Golfer Barbara Lindsey
Procter & Gamble
Consumer Research Services Group
Marc Baum
Managing Director
Communispond Inc.